Electronic Simplified Processing of Application for Registration of Company


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The One day Submission and E-registration of Companies (OneSEC) is a subsystem of the eSPARC that is currently catering to registration applications of DOMESTIC STOCK corporations which may be a ONE PERSON CORPORATION or CORPORATION with 2 to 15 incorporators, board of directors and stockholders. This eSPARC subsystem is considered “pass through” since it only requires minimal encoding of data on the part of the registrants, as most of the company information are already pre-filled.

The OneSEC processing is completely seamless and fully automated in the absence of human intervention on the part of the Commission starting from the name verification on the proposed corporate name, until the issuance of the Digital Certificate of Incorporation.

This system aims to provide the following:

  • One – One day approval of the registration application anytime, anywhere
  • S – Simple procedure to ensure that data encoded are protected and secured
  • E – Efficient management of information
  • C – Completely seamless and fully automated

Please download the user guide to know the step-by-step procedures of the system.

The SEC - ESPARC is a facility to cater application for registration of One Person Corporation (OPC) and Domestic corporations (stock and non-stock) with 2 or more incorporators who may either be natural person, partnership, association or corporations, singly or jointly with others but not more than fifteen (15) in number. The system allows the applicant or his duly appointed representative to submit the proposed company name and input details of the articles of incorporation for review of the Commission.

Aside from this, application for the recording of partnerships and license to do business for foreign corporations are now available in the ESPARC.

Applicant will be advised of the status of the review through the email address indicated on the application form within 3 working days.

Once the application is qualified for payment, applicant may pay the registration/license fees specified on the Payment Assessment Form (PAF) to any of the payment gateways (SEC Cashier Office, SEC Payment Portal, Landbank Over-the-Counter).

After payment, please submit a copy of the proof of payment together with the originally signed AND authenticated* or notarized hard copies of the registration documents to the selected SEC Office anytime within thirty calendar days from the date of approval stated in the Certificate of Incorporation.

However, if the registration application is disapproved, representative of the applicant corporation has to edit and/or correct the data in the application form/s as set forth in the compliance notice of the assigned name verifier/processor to facilitate the processing of its application. The applicant may opt to cancel the application and re-apply accordingly should it be deemed necessary.

Please download the user guide to know the step-by-step procedures of the system. For further inquiries and assistance, please email for OPC, for Corporations with Less Than 5 Incorporators, and for Corporations with 5 to 15 Incorporators, and for Partnerships and Foreign Corporations.

The following are the various company type to choose form:

  • Stock Corporation
    • All Filipino or with foreign equity corporation
    • One Person Corporation
    • Corporation with 2 to 15 incorporators
    • Lending & Financing Companies
  • Non-stock Corporation
    • All Filipino or with foreign equity corporation
    • Corporation Sole
    • Foundation
    • Federation
    • Microfinance
    • Religious Aggregate
    • Condominium Corporation
    • Non-stock/Non-profit
  • Foreign Stock Corporation
    • Branch Office
    • Representative Office
    • Regional Operating Headquarters
  • Foreign Non-stock Corporation
    • Branch Office
    • Representative Office
    • Regional or Area Headquarters
    • Foundation
  • Partnership
    • General Partnership
    • Professional Partnership
    • Limited Partnership